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The Life Erotic - Josie

The Life Erotic - Josie

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Studio: Met Art, The Life Erotic

Josie - Stress Relief 2
Released: November 16, 2021 Hot brunette Josie arrives home, worn out at the end of a tough day. As she makes tea, she kicks her off her skyscraper heels, then massages her sore feet through her fishnet stockings. Suddenly, inspiration strikes. She peels one stocking down and off then tosses it as she leaves the kitchen to bust her stress with some solo sex. This takes place in a black-tiled bathroom, where she perches on the tub and strokes her legs with manicured fingers. Now, she is dressed for kink in a black PVC minidress and studded leather fetish collar. Almost immediately, she lowers the front zipper to expose pert, perfect breasts – she caresses them and gives her feet more attention, too... Soon, however, she tugs her black bikini panties to one side and begins to masturbate her shaved pussy. She drizzles body oil over her fleshy lips as her fingertips slip in and out between them. Again, she removes a stocking, more sensually this time, and works the fishnet against her bare foot to build up friction before slathering on more oil, from ankle to toes. Now sitting on the floor with her back against the tub, Josie rubs her foot and slit simultaneously. She trickles yet more oil on her tits, then cups one as she sinks two fingers in her snatch. Her lips are puffy and glistening, with vibrant pink at their center. As she lies back and plows her pussy rhythmically, it clamps around her fingers, slurping wet. She strips off her other stocking and flaunts both bare, oiled feet, wiggling her toes in ecstasy. Then, she frigs herself with both hands – one probes deep as the other strafes her clit. Her breathing becomes faster and louder until she orgasms, yelping as she bucks her ass off of the floor. Finally able to relax, she raises her legs and strokes her feet, touching her toes together to form an arch above her satisfied pussy... TheLifeErotic.21.11.16.Josie.Stress.Relief.2.XXX.1080p.mp4
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