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The Life Erotic - Mileva

The Life Erotic - Mileva

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Studio: Met Art, The Life Erotic

Mileva - Toys With Pleaser 2
Released: October 19, 2021 Sexy raven-haired Mileva enters a wood-lined room carrying a large umbrella. She’s wearing a shiny black minidress with chain-crossed cutaways that barely conceal her beautiful breasts. She sits in an easy chair, slides the umbrella between her splayed legs, and strokes the spike tip against her shaved pussy. She jacks and sucks on the handle, then works it against her crotch like a dildo. Setting the umbrella aside, she selects a flogger from a table of sex toys next to her. She spanks her naked thighs, then soothes her punished skin with the leather tails. Soon, she begins to masturbate, rubbing her fleshy lips and clit. This, however, is only a warm-up... Mileva grabs a realistic mock-cock vibrator from the table and grinds the head against her oozing pink. She gyrates her hips and ass, bare feet braced on the edge of the chair, then switches on the toy. Its piston motion builds up friction against her clit – then she eases the tip inside of her pussy and the thrusting shaft plows her deep and hard. She moans as her fingers ream her clit, then whips her inner thighs with the flogger. Her face is a vision of lust and she gazes at the umbrella handle, smeared with her juices. Then she kneels on the chair, so she can bang herself from behind with the vibrator. The robotic pounding is rhythmic and relentless, and strokes of the flogger on her firm ass cheeks enhance her pleasure. It’s almost too much to handle so Mileva lounges back in the chair with one leg raised, then continues to screw and whip her sensitive flesh. She whimpers, biting her lip as she teeters on the brink of orgasm, but holds out just a little longer. Strumming her clit, she writhes in ecstasy as she cums, then caresses her clit and the umbrella as she savors the afterglow... TheLifeErotic.21.10.19.Mileva.Toys.With.Pleaser.2.XXX.1080p.mp4
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