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La Ruée Vers Laure / Amnesia

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La Ruée Vers Laure / Amnesia
La Ruée Vers Laure / Amnesia

Year of production: 1996
Country: France / USA
Genre: Feature, Anal, Straight
Duration: 01:42:51

Director: Marc Dorcel
Studio: Video Marc Dorcel / Wicked Pictures

Language: French
Cast: Anita Dark, Laure Sainclair (anal, facial, DP), Lea Martini (anal), Sarah McLean, Olivia del Rio (anal), Rosemary Ward (anal, facial), Kriztina Schwartz as Christina Black (facial)

Description: An insane combination of shame and pleasure! Laura's roof was completely blown off. Her memory is so lost that she does not even remember her own name. In fact, Bourne is in a skirt, or rather, without it, since she has to perform in negligee for most of the film. If in the well-known action movie about the identification of the superagent it was mainly blood that was shed, here preference is given to sperm. Laura must go through many tests, or rather, get to know many members, before realizing who she is and where she is from. In the meantime, the situation is so electrified that crystal glasses burst during a group orgasm ...
Add. information:
Scene 1. Lea Martini, Christoph Clark
Scene 2. Lea Martini, David Perry
Scene 3. Rosemary Ward, Sarah McLean, Andrew Youngman, Christoph Clark
Scene 4. Anita Dark, Laure Sainclair, Sarah McLean
Scene 5. Laure Sainclair, Olivia del Rio, Rosemary Ward, Andrew Youngman, Christoph Clark, David Perry
Scene 6. Anita Dark, Laure Sainclair, Christoph Clark, David Perry
Scene 7. Laure Sainclair, Philippe Dean
Scene 8. Olivia del Rio, Rosemary Ward, Christoph Clark
Scene 9. Rosemary Ward, Philippe Dean
Scene 10. Laure Sainclair, Rosemary Ward, Christoph Clark
Scene 11. Laure Sainclair, Andrew Youngman, David Perry
Scene 12. Kriztina Schwartz, Laure Sainclair, Lea Martini, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Roberto Malone

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