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Private Moments 132 (2020)

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Private Moments 132 (2020)
Private Moments 132 (2020)

Starring: Charlee (ii), Chelsea K., Dimitra, Helena T, Kristiana (i), Lotte L., Sarah A., Teagan (i), Zina B,
Categories: from Europe, European, Pro-Am, Solo Girls, Lesbian, Natural Look, Amateursex for Woman, Gonzo Masturbation, All Girl for Woman
Dimitra & Zina: "Your bra is so beautiful, I love it." Dimitra touches Zinas pert breasts under her sheer bra. Zina inserts her hands into Dimitra's as her nipples poke through the fabric. Zina turns on her big dildo and moves it over her hairy pussy. Holding each other's hands, they masturbate orgasms.
Lotte wears tight black panties that show her camel toe as she's on the bed and watching adult videos on her phone. Turning on her big vibrator, she uses it over her hairy pussy to masturbate to orgasms.
Chelsea & Sarah: "Your nipples" are more pointy than mine!" Sarah touches Chelsea's big tits and teases her large areola. Chelsea pulls on her full bush and moves her hand over her clitoris. Sarah inserts a finger into her pussy to tease herself as Chelsea rubs her hairy pussy and masturbates to orgasm.
Kristiana: Kristiana sits in the shower and uses her toothbrush to tease her shaved pussy. Rubbing her wet clitoris, she masturbates to orgasm.
Helena & Teagan: "Have you ever used your glasses to tease yourself?" Teagen spreads her legs and teases her pussy with her glasses. Helena takes her shirt off and plays with her big tits before inserting her finger into her hairy pussy s Teagen uses her vibrator on her shaved pussy to masturbate to orgasm.
Charlee: Curvy Charlee teases her enormous tits under her red top as she reads her book, her nipples poking through the fabric. Charlee sits on her pillow and rubs her bum into it. Turning on her vibrator, she teases her clitoris and fingers her hairy pussy at the same time.

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