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Amateurs - Nasty Sleazy Amateurs # 3

Nasty Sleazy Amateurs # 3

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Cast: Amateurs

Nasty Sleazy Amateurs # 3
The girls that went through high school and college sucking every cock that came their way are the ones that end up starring in little projects like this one. Fully exposed with nowhere to go but forward, these want to be porn stars are putting everything on the line in Nasty Sleazy Amateurs 3, and some won’t get past this single video shoot!Sally is a blonde white girl with a tattoo that tells her story of how she became a slut. Every load she’s taken is documented in her little black diary, because she’s just that kinky of a slut, but unfortunately, she’s an amateur when it comes to modeling for porn, so she’ll have to step up her game if she wants to make her dream of becoming a porn star come true.Mariana is a blonde beauty that loves getting a big cock deep down her throat after a long day of studying for her college classes…

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