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Lapdog - 720p

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Lapdog - 720p
Lapdog (2024)
A pr investigator, Jackson (Chad Alva), is sitting inside a parked car on a street outside of a house. He makes a call on a cellphone, telling his client that he's going to start surveillance and gathering evidence. Jackson then hangs up and moves closer to the house, spying on a woman, Jennifer (Charlotte Sins), who is doing stretching exercises in tight workout attire. Eventually, Jackson knocks on Jennifer's front door. Jennifer opens the door and curiously asks who he is... AC repairman Shawn (Ken Feels) knocks on the front door of his next appointment. When the door opens, however, he's stunned to see how hot the homeowner Daisy (Bella Rolland) looks. It seems like her air conditioner's conked out, making her house unbearably hot... and her skin sweaty. Shawn assures her that he'll find the cause of the problem and follows Daisy inside, continuing to check her out as he does...

Category: Feature, Brunette, Couples, Big Tits
Starring: Bella Rolland, Charlotte Sins, Chad Alva, Ken Feels
Language: English
Size: 2.12 GB
Length: 01:28:03
Format: MP4
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Tags: Feature Brunette Couples Big Tits